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It’s my mission to help you go from just making money – to actually keeping it (and spending it on the things that make your life awesome).

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Most entrepreneurs are amazing at making money but sometimes struggle to keep the money they work so hard to make.  We provide a simple system for your life and business so that you can finally get excited about the money you are making!

We understand that the anxiety that comes from not having a clear understanding of your cash flow can be overwhelming. We know it can also be intimidating to even look at your numbers which is why we created a proven system that has allowed 100s of entrepreneurs to embrace permanent profitability.


"Working with Amber’s system over the past 4 months has revolutionized the way Mike and I manage our finances, and, more importantly, has made me feel even more free, spacious, and abundant. In one month the system helped us save $25K!"

Kate Northup
Author of Money a Love Story

Are you ready to get started?  I'm so excited for you, my dear! <3 The first step is taking a beautiful, deep breath and taking a peek at your beautiful numbers. 

Now, more than ever before, it’s so important to establish a plan to build aged money.

It is totally possible to stop feeling like there is never enough money and instead feel confident and in control. And creating a plan to age your money is the first step.

Here’s how you can get started:

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"There’s no one I could recommend more highly than Amber Dugger for online business owners who want to drive profitability in their business and lifestyle! "

Mike Michalowicz
Author of Profit First and Fix This Next

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